Rcm Chocolate - benefits, side effects, price

What is Rcm chocolate? What is the benefits and Ingredients of Rcm chocolate? What is the Price of its?

Rcm Chocolate - benefits, side effects, price

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The topic we are going to discuss today is Rcm chocolate which plays an important role in childrens lives. Today we will know more about this Rcm product that, how it is different from other products available in the market. Also, we will talk about what are the benefits of Rcm chocolates and what are its disadvantages. Lets start.

You know how much children like chocolate. Children eat it with great enthusiasm. But parents are worried about their health that they may not get any disease like nowadays it is cavities (which is a dental disease). To overcome all these dilemmas, Rcm has launched its another new product Rcm chocolate.

Rcm chocolate is a very tasty and beneficial product. It is specially prepared for children, but it can also be eaten by young and old people. Very high-quality ingredients have been used in it, which is important for the development of childrens body. Now let us know which ingredients has been used in this Rcm chocolate.

Rcm Chocolate Ingredients 

Chocolate is made from the seeds of the cocoa tree, its seeds are named as cocoa, which is why it was named as chocolate. Rcm chocolate is made from many ingredients, now we will discuss them only. 

Cocoa: Chocolate is prepared from cocoa. It is extracted from a tree named cocoa and its seeds are named coco. Dark chocolate is first made by roasting cocoa seeds. Apart from this, its seeds are also grinded and made into powder. It is also used as a medicine.

Oats: In Rcm chocolate, oats have also been used extensively. It provides proper amount of fibre to the body which helps in healing our bones and wounds.

Honey and Jaggery: You know the real taste of chocolate is bitter, sugar is used to make it sweet but Rcm has used naturally prepared sweet things in Rcm chocolate. 

Chia seeds and Linseed seeds: These seeds are rich in omega- 3 fatty acids and fibre. Linseed is also called Teesi. It is a potent medicine. It is found in different colours at different places in India.

Milk: Milk is used in making every chocolate. Milk is an important source of calcium which is necessary for the development of our bones.

Dry fruits: Nowadays, dry fruits have started coming in every chocolate. It fulfils our bodys considerable needs.

This was some important Rcm chocolate ingredients which is very important for our health. Now we will talk about how this chocolate is prepared.

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Manufacture Process of Rcm Chocolate

Chocolates are generally of two types. The list of which are given below. 

Dark chocolate : It is made by processing cocoa seeds and butter and sugar. It uses less quantity of milk and more quantity of cocoa, about 70% cocoa is used, which has more coarse colour.

White Chocolate: It is made from milk very little amount of cocoa is used in it just to give flavour.

Rcm chocolate is based on dark chocolate because there are many benefits of eating dark chocolate, which we will discuss hereafter. Let us know the method of making it.

  • Firstly, dark chocolate is melted at high temperature in a large container in the factory.
  • After this, honey and jaggery are added as per taste. Which will end its bitterness and keep the taste.
  • Now the oats and the rest of the dry fruits are added to this mixture and stirred.
  • Now after mixing everything, this mixture is cooled and poured into a special groove, through which it takes the form of that groove.
  • Now it is cooled at a low temperature, which brings it to a solid state.
  • Now the chocolate is removed from the grooves and cut into small pieces and packed.

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This was the method of making Rcm chocolate, now we will talk about Rcm chocolate benefits. 

Rcm chocolate Benefits

On hearing the name of the chocolate, there is a wave of happiness in the children, but their families start worrying about their teeth, which is also appropriate that what type of things are put in the common chocolate that is available in the market, which is harmful for the teeth of the children.

But Rcm has made this Rcm chocolate which fits all parameters, which is absolutely safe for your children, it has used all kinds of high-quality ingredients. Let us now take a look at its benefits as well.

The cocoa used in this chocolate has many benefits such as it contains the flavonoid antioxidants which gives relief to the blood vessels as well as controls blood pressure. It also keeps our skin fresh.

Jaggery and honey has been used instead of sugar, which is prepared naturally, it controls sugar level in the body and is beneficial for diabetic patients as well.

  • It produces energy in the body and increases the amount of glucose from which our body starts receiving energy immediately. By using one chip of this, you get the energy to run up to 150.
  • It also affects the eyes; it helps in increasing the eyesight.
  • Chia seeds and flaxseeds are rich in omega- 3 fatty acids and fibre.
  • Reduces stress. If you are suffering from stress then you must take Rcm chocolate.
  • Dark chocolate is very beneficial for the heart. The European Society of Cardiology has reported that dark chocolate protects against heart disease.
  • It also acts as anti-aging, if you consume chocolate, it reduces the symptoms of aging and gives you the benefit of staying young.

If you are troubled by excess body weight, you can reduce it by eating chocolate. A research has shown that the weight of people who eat chocolate is normal from people who do not eat chocolate.

Atherosclerosis is a type of disease in which veins do not function properly due to blockage in the them. But if you consume chocolate regularly then you will get rid of it in a few days.

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So, these were the valuable benefits of Rcm chocolate. Now we will also take a look at some harmful effects of chocolate.

Drawbacks of Chocolate

Chocolate is very tasty to eat but it also has some disadvantages. 

If you consume it regularly then it can damage your teeth, so you should consume it occasionally.

Caffeine is also found in many chocolates, which is harmful to our health, it can weaken your bones. Therefore, always consume only that chocolate which have very small amounts of caffeine present in it.

  • By consuming more chocolate, it can increase the amount of cholesterol in your body, so reduce its intake.
  • Patients suffering from high blood pressure stay away from chocolate because the caffeine in it can increase your blood pressure.
  • Diabetes patients should use sugar free chocolate.

But you are very happy to know that Rcm Chocolate has been prepared in such a way that you do not have to face all these problems.

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These were some of the disadvantages of eating chocolate in excess amounts, we hope you have benefited from this article, so you must share it with your relatives and friends and make sure that your children and your family take this Rcm Chocolate.